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EF Hello is a conversation-driven language learning app
with each and every skill you need to learn English.
Innovative. Intuitive. Comprehensive. Fun.

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Guided by a World Class Advisory Council

We've worked with leading universities in Learning and Linguistics to fundamentally improve the way students learn English. Our conversation-driven content is hugely comprehensive and rooted in academics, pedagogy and hardcore science. Guided by our Academic Advisory Council, EF Hello offers a completely new, intuitive and extensive way to learn English.

Professor Ted Briscoe

Professor of Computational Linguistics

Director of the Institute for Automated Language Teaching and Assessment (ALTA). Read more...

Professor Anna Korhonen

Professor of Computational Linguistics

Co-Director of the Language Technology Lab at Cambridge University. Read more...

Conducting research with the University of Cambridge

State-of-the-art Technology

EF Hello is fully conversation-driven, bridging the
gap between how we use English and how we
practice English.

English Proficiency Assessment

Created with ex-NASA and Stanford engineers, EF Hello's English assessment ensures ability-matched learning with tailored content. Currently patent pending.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

EF Hello is highly developed and underpinned by both Machine Learning and A.I. so it's constantly evolving.


Head to Assistant to be paired with other users and practice real conversations with your Language Buddies.

Comprehensive Content

EF Hello offers all the skills you need to express yourself
in English. We teach English the same way we use English.

This App has it All

EF Hello is extraordinarily comprehensive with thousands of hours of free English learning material.

Depth and Breadth

Vocabulary, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening, Grammar, Expressions and much, much more.


Intuitive and easy to use from the get go. Start practicing your English conversation skills right away.

Fun & Free

No ads and no course content restriction, hooray for
EF Hello! What's better, it's actually fun.


Be continually delighted by cute clips when you answer English learning exercises.


Keep motivated and track your progress by earning points when you get answers correct.


Build your streak by completing an English learning section every day.

Our Charitable Partners

EF Hello has been adopted by people with all sorts of stories united by learning English.

Upwardly Global

UpGlo work to eliminate employment barriers for skilled immigrants and refugees, and integrate this population into the professional U.S. workforce. See our focus piece on Sofia's Journey.

EF Hello has been an incredible tool for our program participants", Cecilia Connor, UpGlo ESL and Education Projects.


Tackling problems of social integration while enriching society. Through technology, TimePeace enable refugees, asylum seekers and locals to connect, meet and share for free their skills, passions and interests.

Deliveroo Rider Academy

EF Hello is a partner to the Rider Academy, providing riders with access to new opportunities, through work experience, to deliver on their dreams and to pursue their passions.


The YMCA is the oldest and largest youth charity in the world. Across England and Wales, the YMCA supports 228,000 young people each year, ensuring individuals can belong, contribute and thrive.

From our Users with Love:

Sofia Ramos


"The dialogues have helped me improve my listening skills. Now I feel more confident."

Michael Li


"It's rare to see a free app with such high quality."
"I highly recommend for self-study."



“EF Hello keeps me motivated and even helped me gain admission into a US college!”

Atta Zeo


"I like the encouragement from these cute and funny GIF animations. 😂 It makes people smile."



"This is the best app I have come across learning English. I will be promoting this app everywhere."

Everton Lunardelli


"This app is perfect, I'm really impressed with quality of your lessons and quantity of exercises."