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Hello is a conversation-driven language learning app.
Innovative. Intuitive. Fun.

AI-Powered and chat-based, Hello closes the cognitive distance between real life use and the learning process like no other language education experience. We rethought everything from vocabulary exercises to reading passages; conversation is the core of everything we do.

Guided by a world-class Advisory Council

We've worked with leading universities in Learning and Linguistics to fundamentally improve the way students learn English. Our conversation-driven content is rooted in academics, pedagogy and hardcore science. Guided by our Academic Advisory Council Hello offers a completely new, intuitive and comprehensive way to learn English.

Learn through conversation and earn points

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machine learning assistant

Conversation-Driven Learning at Scale

Our highly developed Assistant is underpinned by Machine Learning and constantly evolving. Assistant will get you learning through real conversation.

State-of-the-art technology

Created in conjunction with ex-NASA and Stanford engineers, the Hello proficiency assessment ensures consistent ability-matched language learning through content tailored to your English level. Our proficiency assessment is currently patent pending.

Addictively fun, forever free

We know learning English can be a challenge so we made sure Hello has everything you need to stay motivated, experience quick progression and see tangible results. Innovative. Intuitive. Fun. We want everyone to have the opportunity to learn English so Hello will always be available for free.

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Hao Wang
"I have a lot of English learning software. This is the best one that makes me motivated to keep learning."
Nin Winnie
"Learning English through conversation is awesome!"
Xin Fei
"This is really different from other learning apps." "This should be regarded as an adult-oriented teaching app"
Atta Zeo
"I like the encouragement from these cute and funny GIF animations. 😂 It makes people smile."
Michael Li
"It's rare to see a free app with such high quality." "I highly recommend for self-study"

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